What to Expect

Berean uses historic Protestant worship norms from the low church forms of liturgy. Our pastors do not wear robes and but we would fall into what many people consider ‘traditional.’ We, however, do not aim to be traditional but rather biblical, theological and Protestant in our worship together.

Here is a short description of our Lord’s Day worship:

We start with announcements before corporate worship, then begin worship with a call to worship the Triune God through faith in the Son. We remind ourselves to trust in God’s grace to us to be our complete and sure basis for standing before God now and forever. We ask for the Lord’s help (Invocation) trusting in His Spirit to accomplish the Father’s will with His Word. We then stand and sing together psalms, hymns and spiritual songs which primarily are in our hymnal (congregational singing). After giving God the sacrifice of our praise, we give monetarily to the church’s ministry and mission through our giving (Offering). A pastor will lead us in prayer which includes confession of sin and announcement of our pardon in Jesus Christ (Pastoral Prayer, Prayer of Confession, Pronouncement of Pardon). We then continue to worship God in partaking of the Lord’s Supper (on the first Sunday of the month), the public reading of Scripture and a sermon. Our sermons last 45-50minutes and are normally sequential expositions of books of the Bible after the passage has been read aloud  (Lectio Continua). In the end, we respond with a final congregational hymn and  a prayer of God’s blessing upon the church (Benediction).

We start at 10:30am and end at 12:00pm.

The pastor who preaches normally wears a coat and tie, but most come dressed in more business casual clothing.

Families sit together and children of all ages are in our congregational worship meetings. One should expect to hear children acting like children at some point in the meeting. We welcome this and do not consider it be irreverence because it means God is blessing us with children and they are learning about God as their family worships Him.

Many families stay after the meeting and fellowship with one another for quite a while afterwards.

On first Sunday of the month, we stay and eat lunch together, which is provided by the church.

While Berean believes that all of life is to be lived in every sphere under the Lordship of Christ and for His glory, we think congregational worship on the Lord’s Day is the apex of our week of worshipping God. It is our epicenter.